Usability Workshop

May 2018

I had the opportunity to participate in a very productive usability workshop with a design team in Herndon, VA in May 2018.

The workshop was held by usability experts from FCV Interactive, Toronto. They spoke of how important it is to have empathy while observing user behavior, as it is the key of usability testing to see, hear and find out what motivates our users. They shared insights from testing and research they had done for our services. We had a chance to get a glimpse at how citizens interacted with our products through video. We defined some of our user’s pain-points and tried to come up with solutions for those problems as a group.

In the second half, we brainstormed, voted and prioritized issues our users experienced using numbers and stickies. Issues with the highest priority is what we focused on. We were split into 3 groups and worked individually to sketch out ideas for solutions to the current design. Then, we presented to everyone. Our sketches were taped to the whiteboard and everyone voted on features that best resolved the problem and we discussed as a whole.