E & P Painting Website

Web Design & Rebranding

E & P Painting is a family-owned business offering interior and exterior painting for homes and businesses. From consulting to prepping to the final brushstrokes, E & P provides an end-to-end solution.

The Challenge

E & P Painting was looking to generate more leads, but didn’t have an online presence of their own to do so. Traditional methods of marketing, such as advertising on websites was becoming too expensive. Anyone with a brush called themselves a painter and set up profiles on those sites, so competition was forcing E & P to compete on price. E & P does a better job than low-priced competitors, but it was hard to explain in the limited promotional space these kinds of sites provide. E & P wanted to grow their business, but competitive pressures were making it difficult.

My Approach

I worked closely with the owner to come up with a plan to build and develop a new website that was modern in style and used the latest technology.

We decided to got with a 1 page layout with engaging content and vibrant images. We focused on strong call-to-actions, so that website visitors would have clear guidance on what the website wanted them to do.

I thoroughly studied E & P’s competitors and did extensive research to understand how the market was searching for painting contractors. 

We broke the project down into two parts: first we built a new search-engine optimized website, and then implemented some traffic generation tactics. 


Sales took off like a rocket. Lead generation increased in the first three months of the project.

According to analytics and feedback, the new website pulled in potential customers who found the information on the site useful. Over 50% of E & P’ss traffic comes to the website organically because of a well-implemented SEO strategy.